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Aircraft trading involves 3 stages which, R. B. Aero Services is well-equipped to handle:

Stage 1: During the first stage of aircraft purchase, we help clients define the aircraft requirements and mission profile. Cabin size, fuel range, airport compatibility and purchase and operating budgets are key concerns. Our work in this phase is especially useful for the first-time buyer. Once the client has decided on the aircraft make and model, R. B. Aero Services helps the clients to determine the purchase criteria, including airframe and engine time, cabin configuration, options and avionics. We research all aircraft meeting these criteria.

Stage 2: In the next stage, the client submits an offer on the pre-purchase inspection form, along with LOIs. As in addition to price, offers need to specify visual inspections and demonstration flights, pre-purchase inspections and discrepancy remediation, besides the timeframe to close. The contract negotiation needs to define the acceptance criteria and ensure against liquidated damages if the aircraft is not accepted. As in the selling process, R. B. Aero Services plays a critical role in defining the scope and depth of the pre-purchase inspection and provides experienced technical assistance.

Stage 3: In the final stage of client purchase, R. B. Aero Services prepares all necessary documentation for registration, conducting title, aircraft damage history and lien searches and import or export of the aircraft as necessary. R.B. Aero's most critical services in this phase are to perform the test and acceptance flight, deliver the aircraft and place it in service.


R. B. Aero Services is totally committed to understanding needs and expectations of all our customers. All components are fully traceable and overhaul by the leading repair facilities in the industry (all FAA/JAA 145 facilities).

We are highly focused supplier of after market ratable and expandable aircraft parts to Airlines operation and maintenance organizations.

Our company always believed that customer service is the most important aspects of our industry. We go up to great length to ensure all our orders are processed in accordance with our customer's requirement.

We will continue to aggressively strive to ensure that customer's satisfaction is achieved at all times.

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